Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Rekomendasi Paket Umroh Menggunakan Metode Ahp Dan Profile Matching
Yoga Asmara, Eko Riswanto, S.T, M.Cs 24 September 2020 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Indonesia is the most sending country of pilgrims in the world, but a similar position does not occur in the sending of pilgrims. Various Hajj and Umrah travel agencies in Indonesia provide services and ease of Umrah travel at attractive prices and facilities. Many Hajj and Umrah travel agencies demand consumers to be observant in choosing Umrah packages that suit their needs and abilities. Furthermore, the issue of the credibility of the umroh package provider is a new thing to be reckoned with by consumers. This will certainly make it difficult for consumers to determine the right choice, according to the criteria desired by consumers. The problem of difficulty in choosing an appropriate Umrah package can be overcome by providing a recommendation in the form of an Umrah package that suits the needs or desires of consumers. Recommendations can be generated using a tool in the form of a decision support system (DSS). To overcome the problem of preference or pairwise criteria, the Analytical Hierarchy Process method is used to help determine preference weights against criteria. The value obtained is used in the calculation process in Profile Matching to rank each alternative or umrah package. Based on the experimental results, AHP and Profile Matching have been successfully applied to the development of the DSS for Recommendation Umrah Package. The system is flexible to changes in criteria or weight criteria and changes in the desires of potential customers. The DSS for Recommendation Umrah package using AHP and Profile Matching can provide ranking and recommendations that are proportional to the provisions of prospective consumers. Keyword(s): Decision Support System, AHP, Profile Matching, Recommendation, Umroh Package

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