Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Pemilihan Jenis Tanaman Pangan Dengan Metode Analitical Hierarchy Proses
Alfrida Intan Rama Dhanti, Eko Riswanto, S.T, M.Cs 24 September 2020 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Agricultural sector has an important role in agriculture in Indonesia. For farmers, weather changes at any time are quite difficult to predict. This is an important factor in the cultivation of food crops. One of the obstacles for farmers is to determine the type of plant, this is because crop productivity depends on the current climate. This decision support system uses the AHP (Analitycal Hierarchy Process) method. Is a suitable method because it can determine and calculate the priority weights. The data used is data from the Bantul Regency Agriculture Office. This application is made based on a website with PHP and MySQL. The results of the research were in the form of application products that were tested at the Bantul Regency Agriculture Service and were declared to meet the expected objectives. Selection of food crops can be faster and more accurate, so the information generated can be used as decision support. Kata Kunci : Decision support system, Method AHP, MySQL, PHP, Selection of plant types.

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