Rancang Bangun Prototype Smart Campus Berbasis Internet Of Things Di Stmik El Rahma Yogyakarta
Eti Mudsriwati, Herdiesel Santoso, S.T, S.Kom, M.Cs 24 September 2020 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Internet of things in a broad sense makes everything in the world connected to the internet that is connected continuously. Internet of things can control, send data, and so on that utilize the internet so that it can be done remotely without knowing distance. Utilization of internet-based smart campus is used as a means to facilitate control. This study aims to develop software and hardware for the smart campus WeMos D1 R2. Components used in this study include: WeMos D1 R2, 4 channel relay for 3 chilli lights, 6 LEDs for electronic indicators (fan and LCD projector) and a smartphone that is used as an electronic controller. This research uses Arduino IDE software to create program code. Firebase to store databases. MIT App Inventor to make displays on smartphones easier to use. Key words : IoT, smartcampus, WeMos, Arduino, Firebase.

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