Implementasi Augmented Reality Untuk Presentasi Produk Enol Screen Printing Supplier Menggunakan Unity 3d
Fahmi Faishol Majid 09 Maret 2020 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Enol Screen Printing Company has several products which are large in size. To sell these products out of the Jogja area, of course, they must use a delivery service. To reduce shipping costs, of course the product must be modified to reduce the size of the packaging. The product must be knocked down so that the customer has to do a series of products that have been sent. Of course, to do product assembly is not easy for customers. Customers need guidance which is sometimes still confusing in its application. In this problem, 3D model assistance is really needed to help customers in the product chain. To overcome these problems Augmented Reality technology can be used to present 3D objects to customers. The application can be implemented in Android. The marker-based application is an image as a media scanning object placed in the brochure and on the official website of the Enol Screen Printing Supplier company. Customers can install the software and do the scanning directly The results obtained from this study are applications that implement Augmented Reality for the Enol Screen Printing Supplier company as a product demo application and screen printing table assembly instructions. The application can present product demos in 3D as well as animations on 3D models that are implemented in Augmented Reality.

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