Aplikasi Pembelajaran Pengenalan Angka Dan Huruf Pada Tk Al-mu’in
Ega Rahmawati 09 Maret 2020 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Learning the introduction of numbers and letters in Al-Mu'in Kindergarten every day gets information only from the school and the parents of each student, it makes the child's understanding in remembering the learning speed given by the teacher and parents and makes the child's grades less maximum .. The absence of learning media makes children feel bored and not enthusiastic in learning the learning of numbers and letters. The method used uses the waterfall method in which successive systems are carried out consisting of planning, analysis, system design, program writing, implementation and testing and finally the preparation of application reports that are used in making learning media namely Adobe Flash CS6 software. The results of the research conducted is the application of learning media for the introduction of numbers and letters. This media contains numbers and letters recognition material along with an animated video. Keywords: learning Media, flash, action script 2.0

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