Game Edukasi Pengenalan Macam-macam Profesi Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Pada Anak Paud Pkk Jotawang
Uswatun Khasanah 06 Maret 2020 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Educational Games Introduction to Various Kinds of Professions as Learning Media for Children Paud Pkk Jotawang. This research was carried out in Paut Pkk Jotawang ,angunharjo, Sewon, Bantul. This application is an application that is intended to facilitate the introduction of eight kinds of professions. The method used is the method of data collection by interview and observation. The system development method used is the waterfall model which consists of communication, planing, modeling, constraction, and deployment. The results of research conducted by games designed to overcome children's lack of interest in the introduction of the profession are still with manual boards with game media. Keywords: Games, Profei, Learning, Adobe Flash Cs 6.

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