Website Berbasis E-commerce Pada Tenun Lurik Kurnia Menggunakan Framework Codeigniter
Lutfi Prayitno 24 Januari 2020 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
E-commerce websites are used to support buying and selling activities, marketing products, services and information via the internet. E-commerce is more chosen as a promotional and sales media compared to other social media because using an ecommerce website can further increase the trust of customers who will buy products and have a domain name to further strengthen the trust in transacting in cyberspace. If you use Facebook social media, for example it is likely to be a spam report, because if continued promotion through social media will disrupt the social media's comfort. For example, such as posting a product image signed by a Facebook friend, tagging photos to people who are not willing to be tagged, or mentioning other accounts to promote it will be very annoying. So in making this report take the topic of making an e-commerce-based website for the "Weaving Lurik Kurnia" system created in order to help speed up the process of ordering and selling products. Keywords: e-commerce website, promotion, speed up the process of ordering.

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