Aplikasi Mobile Pembelajaran Lagu Paud Berbasis Android Studio
Satria Dwijo Pranowo 02 Januari 2020 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Learning applications are very interesting to develop. Compared to learning conventional methods of learning with more interesting applications. The average early childhood learns by playing. So the role of an Information Technology is needed in various agencies as well as in educational institutions. In educational institutions certainly can not be separated from an application that facilitates the learning process. In line with the development of an increasingly advanced information technology, it will require an application that simplifies the teaching and learning process. Therefore an educational application for children's songs will be developed. This application can be used as an alternative media for early childhood in changing the way of conventional learning into how to learn to use applications. Based on the above explanation, there is a need for applications that can help improve the learning process of early childhood. Keywords: Education, Learning Media, Android.

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