Aplikasi Pendakian Gunung Api Berbasis Android
Adih Venanda Angriawan 04 Oktober 2019 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
This volcano climbing application is an application that is used to provide information to climbers related to the location of volcanoes, the status of volcanic status and hiking trails. This application as a solution to the obstacles that have been going up the hike. Some climbers do not know the location of the volcano, the status of the volcano and the hiking trail from the climbing post to the summit. This application is made using the Java and PHP programming languages, for making display designs using Android Studio and database processing using MySQL. This application starts by designing the needs that will integrate with the Android application. The final result obtained is an application of climbing volcanoes that can make it easier to determine the location and condition of the volcano you want to climb. This application also makes it easier for climbers to determine the hiking trail. Keywords: Android Studio, Java, PHP and MySQL.

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