Sistem Informasi Pengarsipan Pada Cv Semar Karya Yogyakarta Berbasis Web
Faisal Setiyo Aji 30 September 2019 Teknik Informatika

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CV. Semar Karya Yogyakarta is a company engaged in the procurement of furniture goods and office equipment, furniture, and moving in the event Orginizer. Archiving is a very important thing in this company. But archiving is still manual, only through the dime in the book, storage is also limited only on the hard disk or CD. The state of physical documents is often corrupted, difficult to perform data retrieval when needed, as well as storage media such as hard drives and CDs are often damaged due to time constraints. Access to hard disk storage and CDs is also limited, having to go through the admin first. This system of archiving information is created using the PHP programming language, and the database processing uses MySQL. This system of archiving information started by designing the needs of the filing system that applies to CV. Semar Karya Yogyakarta. The final result is an archiving information system that can facilitate admin tasks in managing data and processing archival data, so that the archiving process is better and more structured. Keywords :archiving, archiving information, system

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