Game Edukasi Media Pembelajaran Pada Anak Paud Pws Berbasis Android
Puteri Wira Nur Rohmah 26 Agustus 2019 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Educational game is very interesting to develop. There are several advantages of educational games compared to conventional educational methods. One of the main advantages of educational games is the visualization of real problems. Early childhood on average learn by playing. Institutions providing early childhood education such as Paud PWS are the right place to facilitate the child's needs. When children learn in a pleasant atmosphere, it will be easier for him to absorb the various guidance given. In addition to learning various basic skills for reading, writing, recognizing colors, etc., children will also get a lot of stimulations that will provoke their imagination and creativity. With the learning media can help achieve the goal to educate the nation's children through education. Activities that must be considered in teaching and learning are methods in organizing in every educational institution, especially preschool learning, one of which is the learning process in early childhood education. Keywords : Game, Education, Learning Media, Android

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