Panduan Wisata Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka Berbasis Augmented Reality
Aga Rizky Pramadhan 10 Januari 2019 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Animal recognition media is one component that has an important role in identifying animals to the public. The introduction media can help the community to get broader insights about animals. The use of this introduction media is a part that must get parents' attention to children so that children are more interested in getting to know animals digitally. If the child sees animals directly at the zoo, sometimes the animal is sleeping in a cage or not seen through a guardrail. Then the use of technology-based media is used by using Android so that in recognizing animals is more attractive to children, so children can see animals wherever and whenever for media recognition and learning. In this study, the application of the Gembira Loka Zoo-based tourist guide based on Augmented Reality was made, with this media the application can display video content in the real world using smartphone media. This application is made using Unity 3D, Vuforia Development kit, and Corel Draw X5 as the interface design. The programming languages used in Unity 3D are JAVA scripts, CS scripts (C #) and BOO scripts. This media contains animal information. In improving learning, this application displays video content in animal collections in the real world using an android smartphone that allows users to get information about animal names and descriptions of animals, making it easier to get to know animals more closely. Keywords: Augmented Reality, Gembira Loka Zoo, Unity 3D, Media Introduction

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