E-commerce Pada Lembaga Pengembangan Bisnis Yogyakarta Berbasis Web Service
Nanang Abadi 23 April 2019 Teknik Informatika

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Office of the Yogyakarta Business Development Institute on Jalan Bantul KM 4.5 Kweni Panggungharjo Sewon Bantul D.I. Yogyakarta is a sosila foundation engaged in assisting small and rearing industries or MSMEs. This office has galleries filled with MSME products that do not yet have sales E-Commerce as a promotional medium and to conduct promotions still use word of mouth as well as through social media accounts. The method used in making the E-Commerce web at the office of the Yogyakarta Business Development Institute is a method of data collection and system design methods. Methods of data collection include literature study methods, interview methods and observation methods. For the system design method using the waterfall method which includes the stages of planning, system design and design, implementation, system testing to system operation and maintenance. The applications used in this study are web browsers, WordPress CMS, XAMPP, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. The results of this study have a positive effect on promotions carried out with the large number of online orders that enter through the E-Commerce web. With the existence of this E-Commerce website, customers are easier to find information on MSME products and price prices and make reservations online. Keywords : web e-commerce, wordpress, promotion, website, umkm, onlin

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