Sistem Informasi Geografis Pemetaan Toko Supplier Dan Bengkel Di Toko Utama Motor Berbasis Web
Abdurrahman 15 April 2019 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Bengkel Utama Motor in Berbah Subdistrict, Jl.Wonosari is one of the auto parts provider stores, the level of understanding of employees who lack compilation must buy items that are not available or get info about the location of the address of the supply store and auto parts shop and workshop that helps with the Bengkel Utama Motor workshop, Because not every workshop or auto parts shop cooperates with the Bengkel Utama Motor store. The use of technology makes it easy for owners and employees of the Main Motor shop to find information about the location and address data of supplier shops and auto parts stores via Computer. At present, employees get information by searching the internet and opening websites to get information about supply stores that are collaborating where it relates to longer and inefficient times. In the description of the ease of the employee in finding the address of the supply store and auto parts shop needed, an application is needed on a computer device that can provide location information for auto parts suppliers and workshops with a web-based merger. The aim of the study was to create a Web-based Geographic Information System to map supply and workshop shops that contained information on auto parts shops and workshops that worked together to facilitate better and more efficient information. Keywords : Map, Sig, Gis, web, PHP, MySQL, Use Case Diagram, API

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