Implementasi Semantic Web Rule Language Dalam Sistem Pencarian Informasi Sapi Perah Nasional Pada Platform Android
Untung Subagyo, Suparyanto 25 April 2019 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Data and information is defined to be an ontology-based metadata. To obtain better search results Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL) is applied to complete the ontology to represent knowledge. SWRL can describe a desired rules in order to produce a certain desired information. Thus, the search application is made is expected to handle natural language is entered but computer able to understand and produce more relevant information. Semantic search means a search based on keywords and meanings associated with it. Semantic search seeks to improve the accuracy by understanding the intent and the contextual meaning. The purpose of semantic search is looking for content that is appropriate to the context desired by the user. Technological developments in the sector of mobile devices will be used to optimize the search function of dairy cows nationwide information. Researchers conducted the study uses semantic technology using the ontology knowledge base with regard to the data of national dairy cows. The concept ontology built covering three specification that defines the identification, production and reproduction of dairy cows. Results from this study is the information retrieval system of dairy cows by using ontologies to represent the knowledge base related to dairy cows information.

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