Daftar Pestisida Tanaman Holtikultura Berbasis Android
Mispan 19 Oktober 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Pesticides besides having many benefits also have a negative impact on both humans and the environment. The number of pesticides spread in Indonesia is very large, in 2016 the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture recorded there were 3207 pesticides spread in Indonesia. Because of the large number of pesticides there are farmers who find it difficult to choose pesticides that are suitable for the needs of the plant, not only that students also find it difficult to learn about pesticides. This is due to a lack of information facilities on the list of pesticides listed and permitted by the Indonesian Ministry. From the existing problems, an application was made for the List of Android-based Horticultural Plant Pesticides. This application is made using Android Studio version 3.1.3. From this research produced an application that can facilitate farmers to find and find pesticides that suit the needs of plants. Keywords: pesticides, plants, android, agriculture

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