Animasi 3d Tentang Polusi
Raies Mujaddid 14 September 2018 Teknik Informatika

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Pollution is an environmental pollution which is our common problem and it is very important to be addressed immediately, because it involves the life of living things on this earth. Anyone can participate in tackling pollution problems, including ourselves by starting from the surrounding environment. Therefore there is a need for media that is used to convey a moral information and message to invite the community that how important it is to protect the environment from pollution, which can cause environmental pollution. Along with the rapid development of information technology so as to facilitate and support the delivery of information. Currently information plays an important role in human life. On this basis information cannot be separated from technological developments, in this case the development of the computer world in the field of multimedia makes things easier and more efficient. The use of this multimedia field can be in the form of text, audio, video, animation, and others. Animation can be used as an alternative media in conveying information / messages to others. Muvizu is a freeware or program that can be downloaded free by internet users. Muvizu can be used to process 3D animations. Muvizu has many advantages including the ease of making objects, characters, settings, lighting, angel cameras, many color choices, movements, and cartoon characters that are already available in muvizu. This software has a variety of character features that are quite a lot, so that users who cannot draw can directly choose what kind of character they want in making the animated film that will be created. Not having thousands of characters, Muvizu has costumes, props and screens. So, it is easier for the user to create the desired story with some settings in it. Even in this software it has automatic lip sync for each language with very fast rendering. Keywords ; 3D Animation, Pollution, Muvizu

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