Forex Expert Advisor Menggunakan Indikator Macd Dan Ema
FX. Henry Nugroho, Syamsu Windarti 04 Mei 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Forex is an abbreviation of foreign exchange or foreign currency exchange. Online Forex trading is done by broker forex . The process of forex transactions can be done manually or automatically using Expert Advisor (EA). In forex trading activities many traders who suffered losses, especially for beginner traders. Losses caused by factors that affect the movement of currency values are so diverse that it is difficult to learn in a short time and do trading forex manually. One of the boring things in forex trading is to wait for price movements in accordance with the results of the analysis. The basic human factor is that emotion ultimately influences the decision to make transactions. This research produces automated trading robot (Expert Advisor) using MACD and EMA indicators so as to eliminate the factors of emotional influence.

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