Analisis Pengaruh Padding Citra Bitmap 24 Bit Terhadapkebutuhan Memori Penyimpanan
Thomas Edyson Tarigan, Febri Nova Lenti 04 Mei 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The image as part of multimedia has an important role in the development of the digital world, one type of image is a 24 bit bitmap color image. Bitmap images are of three types namely, binary image, color image and black-and-white image (grayscale). Each bitmap image has different pixel byte storage rules in memory. The image storage system is strongly influenced by the dimensions of the image, such as a 24 bit bitmap bit pixel image storage system under certain dimensional conditions will have Padding in memory. Padding size in memory is affected by the dimensions of the image. In this research we will show how the effect of Padding in pixel image byte storage memory and 24 bit bitmap image dimension is how Padding is produced. This study uses Width and Height as parameters to perform testing on 24 bit bitmap images. The initial hypothesis shows that not all 24 bit bitmap images will produce Padding in storage memory. The resulting impact of padding bytes on a 24 bit bitmap image will increase the need for memory space to store 24 bit bitmap image bytes. Increased storage memory requirements are affected by the hight size of 24 bit bitmap images.

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