Sistem Informas I Simpan Pinjam Bmt Artha Sejahtera Menggunakan Java Netbeans Dan Mysql Berbasis Dekstop
Andri Januastri Dwi Astuti 17 September 2018 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
BMT Artha Sejahtera cannot be separated from savings and loan transactions conducted by customers. To support the ongoing transaction, a good information system is needed for the smooth performance of BMT Artha Sejahtera. With the technology approach, it is expected that these activities can be carried out easily, quickly and accurately. Savings and Loan Information System BMT Artha Sejahtera Using Desktop Netbeans and MySQL Desktop Based is an information system that is used to enter, store, process transaction data, and report on BMT Artha Sejahtera. This application can make it easier to manage data, process transaction recording, and search data fast er, accurately and efficiently. Keywords: Information System, BMT Artha Sejahtera, Transact ion Recording .

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