Penerapan Teknologo Informasi Bagi Pengrajin Tenun Lurik Di Krapyak Bantul (implementasi Perancangan Web Site)
Momon Muzakkar, Wahid Fathoni 01 Januari 2016 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Small and medium enterprises (smes) have a strategic role of the national economic development hearts, posted because besides instrumental hearts economic growth and the absorption of labor also distribution of the findings contribute hearts findings development. One products in the area is Bantul district is a woven cloth products located in the county is Krapyak Wetan Sewon Bantul. The first father-owned enterprises Jussy Rizal and second-owned asking Umi Yuniah. The problems that exist in husband is a lack of tools production of spinning machines, weaving machines, dyeing equipment, business management training. To overcoming happens partner at will be done disposals form spinning machine tool production, machine weaving, dyeing tool with or purchase ordering tool. While the training will be conducted with invited expert hearts management field. Article search google disposals then the tool will increase the production of good quality and paid hearts, can open employment. Article search google holding of training would then improving data processing management.

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