Analisis Dan Desain Sistem Informasi Surveilans Kesehatan-gizi Ibu Dan Anak (siska – Gia)
Siti Khomsah, Andri Pramuntadi 23 Januari 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Alma Ata University's surveillance activities use CommCare applications to record survei data. Problems in using this system that the surveyors can not make corrections / changes if the data sent there error. Another problem is the internet connection and delayed data processing due to wait for error correction of data submissions. How to develop a surveillance information system that can be used online or offline, while also having data correction facility. So need analysis and design of new system as solution of old system. The method used is 'structured approach' using data flow diagrams, relationships between tables and interface design. The result of the research is the design of new application system which can further simplify the management of maternal and child nutrition health surveillance data.

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