Penerapan Penalaran Berbasis Kasus Untuk Analisis Masa Studi Mahasiswa Jenjang Sarjana
Edi Faizal, Sudarmanto 23 Januari 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The more intense the competition in obtaining jobs requires universities to produce qualified and competitive scholars. Predictions of timely graduation can serve as an early warning for related parties. The results of the overall prediction can be used as a reference in evaluating the process of education, curriculum, and other matters relating to the implementation of education. Early student graduation predictions, right after completing the start of the study will be very useful in the process of improving the performance of the study. The rapid development of technology has made it easier for everyone to work. At this time the computer not only process and process data into information but also helps in decision making. Case Based Reasoning is a method used to compare the similarity of the value of existing data with new data, and if have the most similarity then the data will be used for decision making. This research produces a decision support system by using CBR method in conducting analysis study period undergraduate students. The system can be utilized for policy makers to formulate strategies to produce graduates in a timely manner.

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