Penjualan Pisang Krispi Berbasis Web
Wimi Iltawati 28 Febuari 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
E-commerce is the use of internet based information and communication technology for commerce. Transactions that can be made on the internet include ordering / purchasing of goods where goods will be sent by mail or other means after money is transferred to the seller's account. Marketing bananas krispi is still done by way of entrusting products to stores that are willing to receive it. Of course this leads to ineffective sales. Required sales websites that can expand sales reach so as to increase sales turnover krispi banana. In this e-commerce website application provided facilities for consumers to buy banana krispi directly through this website, while for admin can enter, edit and delete data items, besides the owner can enter the news related to banana krispi.

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