Sistem Informasi Stok Buku Berbasis Web Di Galaxy Offset
Siti Nur Utami 27 Maret 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Galaxy Offset is a printing company whose main activity is printing books to be distributed to stores. In addition to printing books, the company also manages stocks (inventory) of books in the warehouse to cope when the demand for a lot. As for managing book stock still use manual recording that is using excel application. So to search data takes a very long time, and the process of calculating book stock is also still manual that is using a calculator. This is what causes less effective in managing book stock. Making this information system begins with data collection using observation techniques, interviews, and archives. System design activities using Entity Relaional Diagram (ERD), table relation, context diagram, and Data Flow Diagram (DFD). This system is website based using PHP 5.6.28 programming language, xampp server, sublime text editor text, and mozila firefox web browser. This information system is made to provide convenience to the company in managing book stock and providing effective information. The application can perform automatic search data, recording incoming book transactions, exit book, and book returns. Can do book stock reporting, daily or monthly reports of incoming, outgoing, and return book transactions. Keywords: information system, effective, website, inventory

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