Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Pencatatan Penjualan Pada Cafe Warunk Kopi Nostalgila Menggunakan Php Dan Mysql
Joni Triono 13 Maret 2018 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
Cashier Information System is a management information system that produces various information that can be useful to support activities of recording food sales and reports in Cafe Warunk Kopi Nostalgila. The cashier information system is part of the marketing information system, developed to collect, process and store sales data so that the data can be viewed again for distribution as a useful information. Application Information System cashier produced able to manage data sales of food, which includes data sales transactions goods and goods data, and produce a complete report, accurate and always actual for each level of management. The system approach used in this information system uses Waterfall method which describes systematic approach and also sequence in software development, starting with user requirement specification then continuing through planning stages, modeling, construction, as well as the delivery of the system to the customers / users (deployment), which ends with support in the complete software generated. While the analysis model uses structured analysis that is ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) to describe data model and DFD (Data Flow Diagram) in describing functional model. The design of the system using PHP programming language and database design using MySql Server. The results of the design of Information Systems Cashier shows that the role of computer applications in information systems is very important as a support in improving the quality of sales and service activities within the company. Keywords: information system, waterfall, PHP MySql.

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