Sistem Informasi Absensi Pada Sdn 2 Banjarharjo Berbasi Website
Galih Mohamad Ahli Sucipto 16 Maret 2018 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
System of attendance at an educational institution is one of the instruments in determining the presence of students in various educational unit level. In secondary schools or vocational schools SDN 2 Banjaharjo student attendance has also become a routine activity undertaken any learning period. Lack of media data collection, making the school the difficulty in backing up data on student attendance. The manual process of student attendance has also become one of the problems faced, the students must come directly to the school to fill absences then the data is recorded in the ledger. Preparing reports that are still manual makes frequent occurrence of errors in entering the data so it takes a long time. Therefore, we need a system of web-based student attendance information to facilitate data collection following attendance database. By using the software development waterfall, the author tries to build an information system student attendance web based sms gateway to the secondary school vocational al-Munir Bekasi using a programming language php and xampp as a web server and MySQL as the database so that the process input and process data faster. With this application is expected to help the school and students in the process of student attendance

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