Program Pengabdian Masyarakat Perangkat Desa Kabupaten Bantul Pada Bidang Teknologi Informasi
Muhammad Sholeh, Untung Joko Basuki 27 September 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Increasing the human resource capacity of personnel / apparatus is a top priority as an effort to provide excellent service to the community. One of the supports that facilitate in providing excellent service to the public is to optimize information technology (ICT). Utilization of this ICT must also be balanced with the ability of human resources, especially employees or staff who directly deal with the community. In an effort to improve the ability of human resources, especially staff of Sub-District Office of Bantul District, Institute of Science & Technology AKPRIND Yogyakarta in collaboration with the Office of Communication and Informatics Bantul District cooperate to increase the capacity of human resources. One form of cooperation is to provide ICT training and assistance. Keywords: ICT, HR, Staff, District.

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