Ibm Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Di Yogyakarta
Y.Yohakim Marwanta, Atika Jauharia Hatta H. 27 September 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Credit Unions (KSP) is a form of micro-finance institutions are the most affordable for the poor and rural micro enterprises. But its presence is still marginal compared with other microfinance institutions due to government regulations that are unclear, government supervision is not continuous, internal conflicts in the KSP itself, the absence of customer protection, and the use of infrastructure and accounting processes are still traditional. The main purpose of this is to implement a community service program credit unions which we named SISKOPIN, which is the result / outcome of the national strategic research activities in both partners. The resulting information system characterized by easy operation, beneficial, according to the wishes of its users, and affordable. SISKOPIN development is intended to facilitate the recording of transactions and operations at the credit union. The application of this SISKOPIN applied to the two partners, namely Indra Kusuma Indonesian Transportation Cooperative and Cooperative Partners Rejodani. Cooperative Transport Indra Kusuma Indonesia is located in Bumijo, Yogyakarta municipality, and the Cooperative Partner Rejodani Rejodani located in Sleman. SISKOPIN Implementation is expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the cooperative in managing its operations. Keywords: Information Systems, SISKOPIN, Credit Unions, InstitutionsMicrofinance, AJAX Programming

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