Pengembangan Pemasaran Berorientasi Ekspor Pada Paguyuban Batik Tulis Giriloyo
Sumiyarsih, Gumirlang Wicaksono 27 September 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
This community service program is intended to: (1). Increase marketing reach both in domestic and international market, so that impact on improvement of economy, (2). Develop marketing based on IT, (3). Introduce export-oriented marketing techniques, (4). Improve business governance with customer databases based on IT and (5). Encourage increased selling value of products through the development of product packaging. The method used is the transfer of science and technology, namely: (1). Human resource counseling and training in areas: marketing based on IT, website management, export-oriented marketing, customer data base management, and packaging design development, (2). Transfer technology with: website creation, customer database software and procurement of promotional support tools. Program activities include: English for Business training, Export Counseling, IT based utilization training courses, website management training, customer database utilization training, and packaging design development training. Based on the results of the implementation of the activities, partners gain additional knowledge and skills knowledge in export-oriented marketing activities by utilizing information technology. Partners still need special assistance in marketing activities to penetrate export markets, due to the limited knowledge of export partners. Partners have no legal entity so they have not been able to export directly. This limitation can be overcome by encouraging partners to cooperate with export agents to market their products in order to penetrate the international market Keywords—marketing, export, information technology

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