Pengembangan Tata Kelola Desa Wisata Gamplong
Audita Nuvriasari, Raswan Udjang 27 September 2018 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The purpose of this community service activity is to: (1). Increase partner knowledge on village tourism governance, (2). Improve knowledge and skills in practical English mastery for tour guides, (3). Improving knowledge and skills in the field of outbound training, (4). Increasing the expansion of tourism village marketing activities, (5). Increase the selling point of tourist villages through the packaging of tourism village products that are interesting and informative, and (6). Increase tourist arrivals so that it can affect income increase for Gamplong Tourism Village. Method of implementation of activities is through transfer of science and technology. These methods include: counseling and training of HR skills both softskill and hardskill, and technology transfer through the provision of equipment supporting the development of tourist villages. The programs implemented include: (1). Comparative Study to Banjarasri Kulonprogo Tourism Village to study village tourism management, (2). Development of outbound training, (3). English training for village tour manager, (4). Social media-based marketing training, (5). Village tourism product, (6). Development of promotional media using CD Profile and leaflet, and (7). Delivery of support equipment for the development of village tourism, namely: outbound equipment, handycam, and infocus. Based on the results of the implementation of the activities, partners gain additional knowledge and skills in the management of village tourism, so it is expected to encourage the economic growth of Gamplong village tourist community. Keywords—governance, tourism village, knowledge transfer, technology transfer

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