Ibm Industri Kerajinan Vinyl Di Wilayah Bantul Yogyakarta
Edi Iskandar, Sri Setyowati 27 September 2018 Teknik Informatika

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The labor force in the province in 2010 amounted to 71.41%. In the economic sector which absorbs most of the workforce is agricultural sector followed the services sector more. Unemployment in DIY become quite serious social problems because of character concerns the partial unemployment DIY professionals with higher education levels. The government address the unemployment problem seriously by giving more attention to the SME sector (Small and Medium Enterprises) / MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), especially in the sectors of industry, craft. To provide solutions to the problems facing the industry crafts, especially crafts vinyl can be approached with a touch of science and technology, namely: 1) the application of appropriate technology to increase the added value of handicraft production vinyl, 2) training exercises ergonomic for workers to reduce pain in the back due to too long sitting, 3) training to improve skills in recording financial transactions and 4) development of e-commerce applications to improve online marketing reach. Potential craft industry is economically sufficient to provide substantial revenues to the state, both in terms of employment and foreign exchange earnings and tax. Keywords: craft industry, vinyl, appropriate technology, SMEs

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