Penerapan Metode Promethee Untuk Penentuan Prioritas Target Marketing
Hera Wasiati 03 September 2017 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Competition college increasingly fast and modern, so college in demand also to still exist. Not a few universities are closed because no students who want to apply to the college, many faculty because students are not a little out of accreditation, so that the faculty occurs only registered status, knowing that prospective new students are reluctant to register and lead to closure. College marketing is clearly necessary in order to obtain students in accordance with the target each academic year. The world of education has undergone continuous evolution. One of the trigger factors is the increasingly tight competition among universities. Therefore, marketing becomes a strategic element in maintaining the existence of universities. The study focused on the application of computer-based decision support system (CB-DSS) to determine the priority of target of new student enrollment using Promethee (Preference Ranking Organization for Enrichment Evaluation) method with multicriteria analysis. Methods in data collection used interview method, observation and literature study. This research produces computer-based decision support system (CB-DSS) system which can be used to determine marketing target priority. The use of Promethee as a method of multicriteria analysis is helpful in determining the order ranking of the priority of the target matketing that will be implemented. This system is able to give conclusion in the form of recommendation of school of purpose of marketing based on classification of school (SMA, SMK or MA). The test results show there are factors that affect the result that is there are differences in the final result between the value of leaving flow and the value of entering flow, so to determine the ranking can not be done. The solution that can be done is to use the net flow value. Keywords—marketing, college, CB-DSS, promethee

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