Pembuatan Web Company Profile Pada Pt Viva Victory Properti
BAYU CANDRA WISATA 13 Maret 2017 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Company Profile Website is a interactive website which is using internet facility to draw users attention. This website contains detail of the company which is combined with effect of attractive animation. The sample of company profiles that will be presented is the company profile of PT. Viva Victory Property which which is a company engaged in the sale of the house. This website has a database to store information that can be updated at any time to make the company profile appealing to read. Admin website is used to make data update easier, administrator can input new information and the changes can be seen by opening the pages of the company profile website. This company profile website is built using PHP programming as a frontend and MySQL as a backend. To access the required tables with adobe flash program an php file is created through the website administrator that contains the data from those tables. This php file become a source for displaying the required information on the company profile website. The administrator website is built using PHP as a frontend and mySQL as a backend. Hopefully this final project can provide PT. Viva Victory Property company with an interactive and attractive company profile website. Base on the trial result, this company profile website can be used successfully on the every browser by installing support programs such as PHP Programming so that the information displayed can be displayed properly

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   BAYU CANDRA WISATA_stmikelrahma.pdf

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