Implementasi Algoritma Kriptografi Vigenere Chiper Untuk Mengamankan File Text Menggunakan Java Netbean 8.0
Yuli Praptomo PHS 26 Mei 2017 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Abstract The change in information and communication technology provides a major change with the increasing utilization of computer networks. The positive impact is information can be shared through computer networks in the form of digital information. At the same time this advantage is also used to perform illegal actions eg hacking bank transaction information, usernames and keywords. So it is necessary to apply security procedures to information, especially information in the form of text which is an important form of digital information. Provision of security procedures to meet the needs of information security in the form of text can be done by applying cryptographic techniques. One of them by applying vigenere cipher as a model used for the process of encryption and decryption. In this research will be made an application that can provide a solution to solve the problem of security needs in the form of text information using vigenere cipher method. This cryptographic application is used and runs well to encrypt and decrypt a text file or text message. The key usage method in this study is more secure than the existing vigenere cipher method, since the characters used to encrypt more files are 256 characters. Kata kunci : teks, cryptographic, enkripsi, dekripsi, vigenere, cipher.

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