Identifikasi Keberadaan Tikus Berdasarkan Suaranya Menggunakan Sms Gateway
Erni Seniwati 26 Mei 2017 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
Abstract This research is aim to detect the presence of certain space expression in mouse using the processing of voice and sms gateway. As the experiment with collecting samples of white mouse then recorded his voice to be a pattern that will be used to detect the presence of a mouse in the House. The method used is the digital sound signal processing through a process of pre-emphasis to filter the sound of mouse from the noise that is not required, then the process of framing and windowing process, and further through the process to get the FFT frequency average of mouse voice that are identified using the sms gateway system. If the voice of the mouse is detected on a particular frequency is then automatically created system will send an sms to know existence of mouse. Keywords—FFT, mouse, sms gateway

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