Pengaruh Kebijakan, Perencanaan, Prosedur Dan Kualitas Informasi E-learning El Rahma (elera) Terhadap Kepuasan Pemakai Dan Loyalitas Sistem (studi Pada Elera Stmik El Rahma Yogyakarta) Kolaborasi Model Kematangan Sistem Informasi Cobit Framework 4.1 Dengan Model Pengukuran Kesuksesan E Learning Hasanzadeh Et All (2012)
Dedy Ardiansyah 26 Mei 2017 Manajemen Informatika

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Abstract E-Learning is now a necessity in the learning process. The process of learning using information technology has led to the ease as well as new problems caused by technology factors. E-Learning, requires serious attention in the process of planning, monitoring and controlling the application of E-Learning. ELERA is a learning system that is built to serve lecturers and students in the process of delivering lecture materials, recording the presence of lecturers and students, the delivery of duties and assessment. In practice only a few lecturers and students are actively utilizing ELERA so it needs to be evaluated in its application. The maturity of information systems using the COBIT 4.1 framework is an evaluation tool of the application of information systems that focuses on the managerial aspect. Aspects of policy, planning, procedures and quality of information taken from the framework of COBIT 4.1 and based on research Hasanzadeh et all (2012) on E-Learning then this study was conducted. This study wanted to know the influence of policy aspects, planning, procedures and quality of information on user satisfaction and loyalty to ELERA. By using survey method questionnaires with ELERA user sample, the elements of leadership of STMIK EL Rahma, lecturers, employees and students are then processed using PLS 2.0 software it can be concluded that there is positive and significant influence of ELERA policy, planning, procedure and quality of information to user satisfaction and Loyalty to ELERA. Keywords: Information System Maturity, user satisfaction, system loyality

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