Aplikasi Tes Penentuan Level Kelas Berbasis Komputer Dilembaga Pendidikan Real English Yogyakarta
Jainuri Heru Susanto 10 September 2016 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Computer based applications now have been considerably improved and English at this time is a very important need in all areas because English has become an international language. Applications grade level placement test is expected to be in interactive learning tools that can increase interest in learning so that the authors build a Design Build Application Level Placement Test classes based computers in educational institutions Real English Yogyakarta. The methodology used in building this application is the methodology Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF). Making the application of computer-based English language learning by using Hypertext Prepocessor (PHP) programming language to visually design applications, Adobe Dreamweaver to do the coding program and SQL Server 2008 to design a database system for data storage applications. Keywords : Application, Computer based, Adobe Dreamweaver, SQL Server 2008

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