Deteksi Kunci Hilang Atau Tertinggal Dengan Menggunakan Bluetooth Berbasis Android
Atmaka 05 September 2016 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Humans often feels misplaced motorcycle lock small enough. Sometimes they have to look for in a long time, this is very detrimental because a lot of time wasted just for searching the corners of the house. Detection of a key is lost or left behind by using a Bluetooth-based android is a tool to find key motorcycle by using media bluetooth as communication equipment, Interest created this tool is to create reminders and search keys motorbike missing for the public who have problems often lose keys. Lock detection devices are lost or left behind by using a Bluetooth-based android built using three components are assembled, these components are arduino, bluetooth HC-05, and piezzo buzzer. To search for a key that users can remotely tucked the device once it is connected bluetooth and to lock behind after bluetooth connected was disconnected then there will be a notification on his smartphone. Tools that are built to have two of them to perform remote function keys so that users can find out the location of bike locks, and provide alerts when bluetooth disconnected so knowing the key out of reach. Keyword : Application, keyfinder, arduino, bluetooth.

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