Aplikasi Wisata Kota Bojonegoro Berbasis Mobile Android
Adi Saputra 26 Januari 2017 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Abstract In a study of my thesis is to provide information about tours and culinary located in the district Bojonegoro. I developed an application based mobile android, because I mernurut more efficient and effective in its use. This application was created with the aim to help the user / user in getting information about travel and culinary in Bojonegoro. This application contains several places Tourism and Culinary food that is characteristic of Bojonegoro. In this application there are 4 categories of travel is nature tourism, shopping tourism, religious tourism, and historical tours and culinary typical load Bojonegoro. This application can be connected directly to the navigation google maps already installed on your android smartphone. This application is made by using the Eclipse IDE and SDK android. With this application Travel application Bojonegoro, can help tourists in getting information about attractions that are still less known to tourists. Travelers also easily know the location map of tourist sites and also directly connected with the navigation google maps so tourists can know the way to attractions. Keyword : aplication, mobile android, tourism bojonegoro

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