Optimasi Komunikasi Data Pada Personal Computer Dengan Mesin Atmel Avr 8 Bit.
Indra Listiawan 26 Januari 2017 Manajemen Informatika

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Abstract The speed in data processing, data security, data accuracy as well as for their ability to store data makes the role of computers in the business world or the business world becomes increasingly important. In some cases there is still a difference between the speed of data transmission and the ability of the machine convert the analog data into digital data. This resulted in the system does not provide optimal processing speed. Therefore, proposed a study on the optimization of data communications with data communications case study personal computer with Atmel AVR 8 Bit machine. This study aims to provide optimal data transfer speed by aligning two different speed between the speed to convert analog data into digital data and the speed of data transmission. The research variable is the speed of data transmission (bautrate) and speed conversion by the ADC module. Measurement optimization based on the amount of data that can be transmitted in one session delivery. Further research can be done is by developing a new parameter, namely the expansion of the analog data studied. The hope is that with the development of these parameters will be obtained more accurate results Keywords—data transfer,aligning, data communications

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