Penerapan Semantic Web Untuk Kolaborasi Data Perpustakaan Digital
Jemmy Edwin Bororing 26 Januari 2017 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Abstract Diverse collection of libraries in a digital library and a number of digital libraries as a library information retrieval led to the need for a means to search library data more quickly and integrated in accordance with the wishes of the user . The application of the semantic web to the collaborative digital library , is expected to answer those needs . Existing search using the search word mach properties , based on keywords in the title or the author's library . This led to the emergence of literature that only relevant information based on the title or author , but if not found then searched the literature that users must switch to other digital libraries . So it takes longer for the next search . Application to the semantic web data integration and data retrieval literature digital library has several stages to obtain the information through the search results in accordance with the wishes of the user . Ontology is a new idea in knowledge representation techniques are much more expressive than conventional knowledge representation techniques . This study tested with some of the tools used for the design of ontology -based RDF / OWL . In testing the system in a manner and macth any macth all the keywords in the query as well as through a web page is able to produce a library of information with one or more stages of the search . The results of this study is an ontology -based web portal that is capable of being the basis of representation of data from a collaborative digital library concept . This means that the application of semantic Web can improve the accuracy of search , especially in the case of the acquisition of information about the data that the user wants digital library . Keywords : Digital Library, Semantic Web, Ontologi, OWL, Query, Keyword

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