Desain Dan Implemetasi Sistem Informasi Unit Usaha Kecil Secara Nasional Berbasis Google Map
Muhammad Sholeh, Naniek Widyastuti, Meireza Pratama 11 Juni 2015 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
In the condition of the growing economy, SMEs are indispensable as an alternative to open up job opportunities. Efforts to promote SMEs should be done continuously for the existence of SMEs known in the community both nationally and internationally. One of the effort to promote SMEs is internat media. Design and implementation of information systems are built to present information-based SMEs nationally and geographic information systems. With the support of geographic information systems, information is displayed not only the narrative of the existence of SMEs but also shown the location of SMEs with a map and the route to the location of SMEs. Applications developed with the framework Cakephp, database using Mysql and support Google map especially for maps and route information. Keywords: SME. Promotion, geographic information systems

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