Pemetaan Hotel Dan Wisata Kota Yogyakarta Berbasis Web
Husnul Septia Khoirani dan Edi Iskandar 11 Juni 2015 Teknik Informatika

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The tourism sector in the city of Yogyakarta continue to be built by the government to achieve progress better tour and comfortable place to visit. Most attractions are the beaches, in addition to the city of Yogyakarta also has beautiful scenery, tourist attraction in the city center such as Malioboro shopping center, palace, square south and north, the people were warm-hearted and others. Therefore traveler visitors many local governments do the construction of the hotel, inn, or stay home in all corners of the city of Yogyakarta. Technology Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have grown rapidly. SIG made using information derived from a number of data management, the geographic data or data relating to the position of objects on the earth's surface. GIS technology integrates database-based data processing operations that are commonly used today, such as taking a typical visualization and are able to offer various advantages of geographical analysis through the map images. To facilitate the public to know the potential of an area such as Yogyakarta need for an effective medium in the display. One of the use and utilization of information technology with a web-based geographic information system. With media web-based geographic information system, information can be communicated and understood by the public. Key : hotel dan wisata yogyakarta, WebGis, Yogyakarta

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