Random Number Generator Dengan Metode Linear Congruent
Pulut Suryati dan FX. Henry Nugroho 23 Januari 2015 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
Random number or a random number is a number generated from a process, the output is unpredictable and can not be generated sequentially numbers the same. Randon numbers are useful for many purposes, such as generating key data encryption, simulation and modeling of complex phenomena and to select a random sample from a larger data sets. The problem that arises is how not easy to be able to produce numbers that truly random. The process that generates a random number called the random number generator. In this research method used in this paper is to use a linear congruential method using the chi-square test . The aim of this study was to determine how the randomness of the numbers generated from inear method Congruent with the chi-square test. Random number generation algorithm with linear congruential generator method showed that the resulting number is random, but based on a use of the chi-square test of linear congruential generator methods still are looping validation it is shown that the random number is false. Determination of constants LCM (a, c and m) largely determines whether or not the random numbers obtained. Keywords—3-5random number, LCM, chi-square

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