Pengamanan Web Service Studi Kasus Sistem Informasi Akademik Stmik El Rahma
Eko Yunianto dan Eko Riswanto 23 Januari 2015 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Interoperability is a urgent part in building a information system. The more dynamic and flexible a information system, it will be easier to do development. One form of the flexibility of the system is to utilize the web service. With the opening of a service system, we need a data security. One method is OAuth 2 which will perform the data access restrictions for each client. From the concept of interoperability of web service systems are built then for its implementation can be assembled an Academic Information System. This system is built with a simple server from Node JS, using technology as a Restful web service technology, OAuth 2 as a method of securing resources and Mongo DB as a data storage medium. While the framework is used at the core of the system is Sails JS which is one of the Realtime MVC framework on Node JS with a little coding (less coding). Keywords: Node JS, Restful, Mongo DB, web service, OAuth 2, Sails JS

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