Perangkingan Tulisan Ilmiah Dengan Metode Profile Matching
Deborah Kurniawati 23 Januari 2015 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
Scientific Seminar is one that can be used to disseminate the results of research that has been done. To maintain the quality of the seminar, the seminar organizers reserve the right to make the selection of scientific papers submitted by researchers. Selection is complicated for several reasons. The first reason, a large number of scientific papers. The second reason, the costs of errors can be greater because the reaction can come from various parties involved in the seminar, especially speakers. The third reason, the quality of the seminar to be getting better over time, both in terms of implementation, as well as scientific papers published. Decision support systems became one of the alternatives that the resulting decisions can be objectively and in a state of certainty. The model using the principle works Profile Matching. The model was built using several criteria, there are ideas, methodology and discussion, literature, and writing style. Each criterion has several sub-criteria and the organizer has the ideal value for each sub-criterion. Applications that have been built to produce a ranking of scientific writing in accordance with the field of study of each and based on the final value of each scientific paper. Keywords—model, Profile matching, ranking

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