Pembiayaan Mudharabah Di Perbankan Syariah, Antara Teori Dan Praktek
Irfan Nurudin 17 Juni 2016 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
F inancing is one of the many themes that arose along with the development of Sharia financial institutions in Indonesia lately. This is because, Mudharabah became one of the key or the cutting edge in control of the movement of Islamic Perbankkan. System for results in mudharabah became the hallmark of distinction and with interest in the conventional banking system. In addition Mudharabah also contains the lofty humanitarian values and the embodiment of the principle of fairness in an economy. But in its development, Perbankkan Shariah much experience constraints in both – as well as its application. For that research to be performed, including the following: first, how the practice of Sharia mudharabah at Perbankkan. Second, is the practice of Sharia mudharabah Perbankkan in accordance with the MUI fatwa DSN, and thirdly, what are the constraints experienced by Perbankkan Shariah mudharabah financing in implementing. Research methods in this study is the first, this type of research is empirical legal research or sociological, and the approach used is a normative approach. Secondly, the necessary data sources is the primary data and secondary data by using legal materials. Third, how data collection using brochures and mudharabah financing official documents. Determination of the subject wears a non random sampling purposive way. Fourth, the method used is the thinking methods of deductive thinking and analysis of qualitative analysis is done. The results of this research will expose: first, the practice of Sharia mudharabah at Perbankkan. Second, the suitability of the practice of Sharia mudharabah financing in Perbankkan with the MUI fatwa DSN and thirdly, some of the obstacles encountered in implementing the Shari'a Perbankkan mudharabah financing. Keywords— :Shariah mudharabah, perbankkan, fatwa DSN

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