Pengaruh Faktor Kesuksesan Implemantasi Sistem Informasi Akuntansi Dan Produktifitas Terhadap Manfaat Organisasional (kolaborasi Model De Lone Dan Mc Lean 2003 Dan Cooper 2001)
Dedy Ardiansyah, Dewi Puspitasari 20 Mei 2016 Manajemen Informatika

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Based on Minister of Research and Technology of Higher Education (Higher Education permenristek) No. 44 in 2015 on National Education Standards High in article 36 paragraph 1 letter e that the elements of the standard means of learning among them is the information and communication technology. Furthermore, the financing standards outlined in article 40 paragraph 1 that the standard components of the financing consists of the amount of investment costs and operating costs. Higher education should have a financial management information system. Objectives to be achieved in this research is to analyze:1. The quality system of influence on user satisfaction and productivity2. The quality of information influence on user satisfaction and productivity3. The quality of service affect the user satisfaction and productivity4. User Satisfaction affect the organizational benefits5. User Productivity affect the organizational benefits A total of 45 samples distributed to all employees STMIK El Rahma who use accounting information systems. The results of data processing using Partial Least Square 2.0 are as follows: The results achieved from 8 hypothesis that 7 hypothesis meets statistics. system quality, information quality, service quality accounting information systems affect the user satisfaction and productivity. effect on organizational productivity benefits. while user satisfaction accounting information system. Keywords: Accounting Information Systems, Productivity, Net Benefits

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