Case-based Reasoning Untuk Pendukung Diagnosa Gangguan Pada Anak Autis
Yanuar Nurdiansyah 21 Januari 2011 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Autistic problems in medicine and psychology a scourge for parents who have autistic children. Parents sometimes do not know if her son had autistic disorder, so do not know how to find and how to overcome them, so to know that autism disorders are experienced by a child needs an intelligent system that resembles the expert in the form of CBR (Case-Based Reasoning). This research tries to build CBR system to make early diagnosis of autism disorders in children by looking at the characteristics of the existing symptoms of the child. Diagnostic process is done by entering a new case that contains symptoms to be diagnosed with the disease into the system, then the system will perform the similarity between the new case with the cases is already stored in the data-base system. The case taken is the case with the value of the highest similarity. If a case is not successfully diagnosed, then the case will be revised by an expert psychologist. Revised successful cases will be stored into the system to become the new knowledge for the system. The results showed CBR system to diagnose disorders in children with autism is to help psychologists or paramedical only in conducting initial diagnosis, CBR to facilitate in making a diagnosis and can adapt easily and quickly because knowledge and learning made in the form of cases Keywords : Case-Based Reasoning, Autism Disorder.

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